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Who Made that Trickpics Video? (slightly NSFW)

So… PornHub (yes, that PornHub) just released an explainer video for their new app, Trickpics. Basically, it’s an app that censors your private parts in photos and videos to make them SWF for posting to social media.

A fun idea, but what really blew me away was the production quality of the explainer video announcing the app! Take a look:

The characters are expressive, the voice over unique, you can tell that a lot of creativity went into this video. Immediately after watching it, I jumped on Google and searched for the creators. Sure enough it was a collaboration. You can see the actual credits of the video here.

PornHub (surprisingly, because of the type of site it is) has a very good marketing team and they even do a lot of good with charities.

Anyway, awesome work to the creators of the Trickpics video!